Zoning and Land Use

The Use and Development of Commercial and Residential Property

Commercial landowners, developers, residential homeowners, landlords and tenants may all have issues to address related to zoning and land use. These matters have the potential to be complex due to their involvement with government entities and state and federal laws and regulations. Zoning and land use regulations may be set forth by local governments and may address such issues as the type of activities that are acceptable on a property, the height of a building, the amount of parking available, building permits and construction planning. These regulations may affect commercial and residential property as well as agricultural, recreational and industrial buildings and land.

Properly approaching a zoning or boundary dispute, building permit or land use appeal is crucial in order to avoid unnecessary delays and financial losses. This is where a real estate attorney may play an important role, advising an individual or business on their legal rights and options to ensure compliance or contest alleged non-compliance. From a dispute with a neighbor regarding your shared property line to a lawsuit against a commercial property owner for an alleged violation of land use laws, a lawyer can offer knowledgeable insight and legal representation to resolve the matter as swiftly and to the best resolution possible.

Zoning problems? An attorney can help.

In addition to helping with a land use application, an attorney can offer much needed assistance in the event that an application is denied or a dispute arises related to zoning. You may have the right to appeal a denied land use application, but you will need to go through the proper channels. In the event of a zoning or land use dispute, negotiation may prove effective to resolving the matter outside of the courtroom. An attorney can help with this and can also represent you in court if an out-of-court agreement cannot be reached. In all, your real estate attorney should act to protect your best interests with your financial concerns and goals in mind.

For help with any zoning or land use matter, find a local real estate lawyer.