Commercial Real Estate

Transactions, Litigation and Disputes Related to Commercial Property

In the field of real estate law, commercial property may include virtually any type of building or land that is intended to generate a profit. Most of the time, commercial property refers to office buildings, medical centers, hotels, malls, shopping centers, garages, parking lots, multi-family housing units, apartment buildings, farm land and warehouses. This property may be used for leisure, such as a hotel or restaurant, for industrial purposes, as a warehouse or distribution center, for healthcare, such as a hospital or nursing home, or for various retail or business-related needs.

There are specific legal issues that may be associated with commercial property. This may include real estate transactions and real estate litigation, landlord-tenant issues, construction contracts, lease and rental agreements and matters related to zoning and land use.

Commercial real estate transactions and disputes are particularly complex for a number of reasons. These transactions typically involve much higher dollar amounts than residential real estate matters as well as added complications related to construction, zoning, land use, leases or rentals and insurance. The complexity of commercial real estate matters makes it all the more important to consider working with a real estate lawyer.

Working with a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

As a buyer, seller, tenant or landlord, you may benefit from involving a lawyer to help you with your transaction or lawsuit. This may range from seeking legal help in reviewing a rental agreement before you sign to resolving a lawsuit related to an undisclosed defect in commercial property you purchased. All areas of commercial real estate law have the potential to have lasting financial ramifications for an individual or a company, and considerable financial losses and delays can be avoided by taking preventative measures with a real estate attorney.

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