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Welcome to our Real Estate Information Center, where you can find helpful information related to all areas of real estate law, from residential real estate purchases and sales to complex commercial real estate litigation. This website was created to act as a valuable source of information to property owners, borrowers, buyers and sellers alike. Our goal is to provide helpful insight related to all types of real estate matters while providing site visitors with an easy way to find and compare local real estate lawyers who can address their particular legal needs.

If you are interested in learning more about real estate law, you can review some of the key topics we have featured below:

Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer
As a whole, the field of real estate law involves numerous complex issues. A multitude of factors may arise, leaving even the most experienced homeowner, buyer or seller facing delays or financial problems. A real estate lawyer can effectively guide you through your transaction and can provide invaluable representation in the event of a lawsuit or dispute. Read more about hiring a real estate lawyer.

Information for Homebuyers
Making the decision to purchase a home is important. This is likely one of the largest, if not the largest, financial transactions you will complete in your lifetime. Because there are complex legal and financial issues involved, it is beneficial to learn more about your rights, what to expect during the process and what you can do to make it as smooth and profitable as possible. Read more about buying a home.

Selling a Home
In selling a home, there are particular issues you may wish to consider. The profitability of the transaction is one, as well as your primary goal in selling in the first place. Particularly if you are selling your home and purchasing a new one, you may find it helpful to seek legal counsel from a qualified real estate attorney. Read more about selling a home.

Real Estate Transactions
There are numerous transactions and contracts that may be associated with purchasing or selling real property or leasing property. Whether commercial or residential, addressing these transactions can be time-consuming. You may face complex issues that need to be properly approached and resolved to avoid delays and financial losses. This is one area of real estate where a skilled lawyer can provide much needed help. Read more about real estate transactions.

Real Estate Litigation
When a dispute arises in relation to a real estate transaction or contract, you may first try to resolve it through negotiations, but if these fail you may be facing a lawsuit. Whether a defendant or plaintiff, you will need a real estate attorney who can protect your legal rights and financial interests inside and outside of the courtroom. Read more about real estate litigation.

Landlord-Tenant Issues
The legal relationship between a residential or commercial landlord and tenant may involve a myriad of complex issues. The rental or lease agreement itself may be disputed and issues may arise regarding non-payment of rent, eviction, property repairs, subletting and rent control. A lawyer can provide helpful insight to landlords and tenants in these matters, helping to protect their rights. Read more about landlord-tenant issues.

Commercial Real Estate
Commercial real estate transactions, disputes and litigation involve real property that is not meant for personal use. This may include office buildings, parking lots, malls, retail stores and other types of commercial property. The value of commercial real estate transactions are often higher than residential transactions and may involve additional complex issues, making the involvement of an attorney all the more important. Read more about commercial real estate.

Residential Real Estate
When a person leases, purchases or sells real property for personal use, this is generally considered a residential real estate matter. A residential property owner, seller, buyer, lessor or lessee may have specific issues to deal with in relation to a transaction or dispute, making it important to work with a legal professional who can provide helpful guidance and information. Read more about residential real estate.

Foreclosure is a judicial or non-judicial process (depending on the state) that involves a lender taking a property back from a borrower because the borrower has defaulted on a mortgage loan. Foreclosure is currently a growing issue in the United States due to the decline in the real estate and job markets. Homeowners may have options in the face of foreclosure, such as a short sale, deed in lieu, loan modification or even bankruptcy. Read more about foreclosure.

Zoning and Land Use
Property development, zoning and land use are all issues that may affect a developer or landowner. These may apply in commercial and residential real estate matters. Because non-compliance with municipal, state or federal laws can have serious ramifications for a property owner or developer, it is important to ensure you are fully informed and in compliance with these matters. Read more about zoning and land use.

Real Estate Law FAQ
If you have unanswered questions about any area of real estate law, you can find helpful answers on our frequently asked questions page or by connecting with a local attorney who can address your particular needs. We have striven to provide helpful, straightforward answers to your most common questions. Click here to visit our real estate FAQ page.

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