Featured News 2014 How an Attorney Can Help you Mitigate the Cost of Flood Damage

How an Attorney Can Help you Mitigate the Cost of Flood Damage

Flood damage can be frustrating and costly. Floods can damage carpets, furniture, walls, foundations, and even the actual structure of the house. Oftentimes repairs will cost thousands of dollars. If you are dealing with flooding costs, you will want a real estate attorney to come alongside you as you seek the compensation you are due to cover these expenses. The right lawyer may be able to help you protect your interests against fraudulent insurance adjusters who want to give you less than your deserve. A lawyer can also fight for justice and make sure that you are compensated for all damages, not just some of them.

An attorney can also take proper precautions to help you avoid further damage to your property. A property damage attorney can investigate the source of the flood, or hire professionals that can best determine this. After the inspectors are able to trace the route of the flood and learn what factors caused the damage that a homeowner experienced, then the lawyer can assess whether any legal action needs to be taken against a responsible party.

For example, if the house was prone to flooding but a real estate agent who sold the property falsely claims that the house was out of the flood zone, then this may be a person that is liable for part of the accident. Also, if the accident happened because a drunk driver ran into a fire hydrant, and the water then flooded your home, the driver may be held liable for driving while intoxicated and causing so much damage,. If the flooding was caused by a nearby public project, then attorney may be able to help property owners seek compensation from the government agency due to inverse condemnation.

Inverse condemnation is an argument which can be pitted against public project contractors that make a mistake that causes flooding in nearby neighborhoods. Inverse condemnation applies to flooding, but also applies to landslide cases, land subsidence cases, loss of adjacent or subjacent support cases, or the physical occupation fo the property after the public project is completed.

In most flooding situations, insurance companies will try to delay examinations until much of the evidence has disappeared or will provide inadequate financial assistance. Many insurance companies will discount the value of future damages and costs that the property will incur due to the flooding. A real estate lawyer can anticipate these arguments and make sure that you are not cheated by agents that want to give you the lowest settlement possible.

A no-nonsense attorney can also help make sure that the insurance company holds up to their end of the property insurance contract. In many cases, the initial damage that is caused by flooding can become worse if it isn't addressed right away. Hire a skilled attorney who can offer qualified appraisals on the property and knows the right people to get accurate repairs estimates and assistance to identify flood damages to your property.

You will want an attorney who is skilled at all areas of property law and can help you if the flooding damages are aggravated over time. Use this real estate directory to locate a real estate attorney near you who works on flood damage cases! You will want a local attorney who is familiar with the courts and real estate laws in your area to handle your case. Also, you will want to make sure to hire an attorney who is aggressive and capable of motivating individuals to see from his point of view. Hire the firm today!

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