Featured News 2012 The Pests on Your Property: What They are and What to Do

The Pests on Your Property: What They are and What to Do

A home is supposed to be a place of comfort, but an insect infestation can make it a horrible place to return to. When you have pests in your home, you need to take care of the problem as soon as possible. The amount of uninvited insects in your house will grow if you don't take care of the problem quickly. Also, your home will depreciate in value. If you try to sell someday, no one will want to buy a house that is filled with pesky insects. If you ever try to rent, you could run into legal trouble if you hide infestation information from your tenants. Concealing this material from potential buyers could also elicit a lawsuit, so it is best to take care of the problem right off the bat.

One of the most common insects to enter your home is the ant. Ants can enter through even the tiniest cracks in your walls, or slip under the door frame. They will come into the house looking for water and sugary foods. Because they are so tiny, ants can wander into cupboards that are not tightly shut, or get into dishes that are not sealed. They will also congregate around spills on the floor. Not only do ants get into your food, but they leave a trail for their friends to follow. An invisible chemical trail of pheromones helps other ants to follow the leader to your meals. Ants can create a nest in your home, which can number up to 500,000 members. When threatened, all of the ants can pick up and leave in a moment. Because ants are willing to relocate, using pest sprays may be able to eradicate the problem. In other cases, you may want to call a professional pest service.

Bed bugs are another itchy house pest that will leave bites all over their victims while they're sleeping. These bugs feed on human blood, and hide in mattresses or bed frames, waiting for their victims to fall asleep. Once a person is in bed, these little bugs crawl over and cut the skin with their teeth. They leave a little itchy bump where they struck, which can last for a week or more. When a lot of these bugs are present, it can create a nightmare for the home's inhabitants. They lay eggs which are buried in blankets, mattresses, beds, woodwork and more. In order to successfully get rid of them, you must call a pest control company and have them complete a heat treatment. You may also want to wash all of your clothes and replace your bedding, because these pests can lay eggs in these things. Bed bugs are present worldwide because they travel from place to place by inhabiting people's suitcases. It is mandatory that you get rid of this problem before trying to sell or rent your home.

Another nasty insect is the cockroach. There are many different types of roaches all over the world, and they can hide all over the home. Roaches reproduce fast, and are very evasive. These creatures are nocturnal, and scurry when light is turned on- so if you've seen one scurrying across your floor there are probably dozens more hidden from sight. When you have a roach problem, you need to call a pest control company right away. Do not try to get rid of the roaches yourself. If you have termites in your home, then they will slowly and silently destroy the woodwork. This can create a dangerous living environment, and cost you thousands in refurbishment. If you find termite erosion on your property, then call a pest control business and fix the damages as soon as possible. By eliminating moisture you may be able to deter some termites, but you will still need a professional company to come and deal with the problem. By catching these pests before they become an even larger difficulty, you will be able to preserve the value of your home and ensure your comfort while living there.

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