Law Office of Maria L. Rubio Articles Florida Landowners Benefit from “Greenbelt” Law

Florida Landowners Benefit from “Greenbelt” Law

By Law Office of Maria L. Rubio  Mar. 6, 2012 10:35a

Landowners in Florida have received substantial property tax breaks thanks to the states “greenbelt” law. The law was enacted in 1959 and gives generous tax breaks to property owners that leave some or all of a parcel of land undeveloped but used instead for agricultural purposes. The law has been a point of debate over the years for a state that relies heavily upon property taxes for revenue. Some contend that developers take advantage of the law by putting just a few cows to graze on a property or planting a few crops and thus become eligible for the break that can reduce property tax by many thousands of dollars in some cases. If you have a legal issue involving a real estate debate or other litigation matter, a Miami-Dade commercial litigation attorney may be able to help.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson was a recent recipient of this tax break which brought the debate back into public view. Senator Nelson saved a reported $43,000 in property taxes last year on a large, undeveloped property he owns. He allows a cattle business to graze some of their cows on the 55 acres of land and in exchange, he is able to claim the hefty tax break. The senator does not live on the property but has stated his feelings on helping to keep some open areas in existence in the state. The particular parcel of land in this case has been in Nelson’s family since 1924 and has been put to use for cattle pasture since the ‘50s. He plans to keep the land undeveloped and pass it on to his children.

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