Latest News 2012 June Shakespeare Theatre Files Lawsuit Against Their Landlord

Shakespeare Theatre Files Lawsuit Against Their Landlord

A non-profit theatre company in Washington D.C. is filing a lawsuit against their landlord because of his intention to raise their rent on their theatre by 700 percent. The Shakespearean troupe is seeking injunction to prevent its rent from rising to an unaffordable rate. If they are not able to succeed in their lawsuit, many of the actors believe that they will need to vacate the building and stop performing there. The lawsuit also goes after certain members of the board that decided to raise the rent, asking that they be dismissed. According toThe Washington Post, the landlord and his team are a part of a nonprofit organization that was created in support of the theatre, though they are currently doing more harm the help. In the past, the landlord and his team have kept up maintenance of the building for the actors so that they could continue to rehearse there.

According to one attorney, the theatre group pays about $70,000 each year to a trust fund, which the landlord uses to keep up building maintenance. The new rent would cost about $480,000 per year. When the theatre group asked to lower the rate, the landlord threatened to kick the group out immediately. They retaliated with their lawsuit and hope that they will be able to remain in the building. They already have two years’ worth of plays scheduled for performance in the building. Injunction is a court order which requires a person to cease a specific action. If your landlord raised your rent to an unjust and over-priced height, then you may be able to combat those charges. Contact a real estate attorney today for more information on how you can fight back. Liker this theatre troupe, you may be able to receive an equity remedy that could protect your from unfair action.