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By Law Office of Steven R. Sutton  Dec. 9, 2013 1:05p

Contracts are generally written agreements between parties in which promises are made in exchange for some kind of consideration, usually financial payment. A contract means that a promise of duty is made between the parties. Many elements may form the basis of a contract, from an offer to perform some action in exchange for money or other consideration, followed by an acceptance of the offer, and a legal capacity to perform the action. The action itself must also be legal. A simple example of a contract is a roofing company's agreement to repair a damaged roof for a set number of dollars. Many terms and conditions may be included in the contract as agreed upon by both parties.

Breaches of contract are a common form of legal problem in the business world. They can occur between two business parties, between a business and a client, between partners in a business, or can arise in employment contracts, lease or rental agreements, real estate purchases and sales, and even in insurance claims. All of these transactions involve specific terms and conditions which must be met; if violated, the contract should be written so that the breach can be lawfully disputed to a resolution.

Underlying all of this is the need to have a contract drafted that addresses all of the potential problems that may arise in any contractual relationship. An attorney who is highly knowledgeable concerning contract law and who can ensure that all of the necessary details are drafted into the contract at the outset can help to prevent future disputes and problems between the parties.

Business Litigation Lawyer in New York City

The business world is a competitive arena where participants are subject to many legal rules and regulations. Business players may need to use smart legal strategies to pre-empt potential disputes and problems. Even with such strategies, they may face difficulties which will call for the skilled assistance of a business litigation attorney who can advise, guide, and represent them in negotiating or litigating these problems in court. Business litigation can involve breach of contract, business transactions, business dissolution, commercial collections, new business startups, partner disputes, nondisclosure agreements, trademark disputes, employment issues, unfair business practices, and more.

If you need legal help with any issue that can lead to business litigation in the New York City area, the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton can help. This is a firm whose attorneys have more than 75 years of combined legal experience and who have recovered millions of dollars for clients in claims and lawsuits. The legal team uses its outstanding investigative skills, aggressive approach, and decades of experience in addressing your business dispute or legal problem and will take every measure to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion for you. Get the help you need by contacting the firm to arrange for a case review with one of the firm's competent lawyers today.

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