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Landlord Tenant Rights in New York

By Law Office of Steven R. Sutton  Dec. 9, 2013 1:05p

Disputes and problems between landlords and tenants are common everywhere. New York City is no exception. As a densely populated metropolitan area with many types of rental units available, questions and difficulties can arise over many aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship. A basic understanding to tenant rights in New York can be found in the Attorney General's publication, called "Tenants Rights Guide," published in 2011. This Guide provides important information to both tenants and landlords, describing everything from the types of housing available to leases, rents, habitability and repairs, safety, utility services, personal protections for tenants, and finding an apartment. The Guide discusses many of the basic rights of tenants in the state which are protected by local, state, and federal laws. Where residential units are controlled by rent stabilization, rent control, or other rent regulations, they may be subject to additional specialized rules.

Disputes can arise in situations between tenants and landlords where leases are involved as well as in month-to-month agreements. In general, leases written for tenants by landlords must have clear and coherent language. Per the Guide, several provisions in New York leases are now void. These provisions include exempting landlords from any liability should they or their agents prove to be negligent which leads to tenant injuries or financial loss, waiving a tenant's right to a jury trial in any personal injury or property damage claim, or making it a requirement that a tenant pledge household furniture as a security for rent. Any tenant who remains in a rental unit after his or her lease has ended will then evolve into a month-to-month tenant when the landlord accepts his or her rent. In New York City, 30 days notice to vacate is required to be given to a tenant by a landlord who wishes to terminate a month-to-month agreement.

New York City Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Many kinds of disputes can occur between tenants and landlords which may require the legal guidance and representation of a competent attorney. These disputes can take place in both residential and commercial property. They can also occur in condominium and co-op situations. They can range from rental agreement or lease violations or problems to lease negotiations, landlord defense, breach of contract, and more.

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