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Tips For Buying An REO or Foreclosure Property

By Law Office of Al Beaudreau  Mar. 26, 2012 10:38a

What is an REO?

In the recent troubled economic times, many homeowners are having trouble making ends meet, and have found themselves unable to make payments on their property. Due to this tragic phenomenon, the real estate market has been glutted with a large amount of homes that have been foreclosed upon by a bank or lending agency. These properties are often referred to as real estate owned homes, or REOs.

This surplus of bank owned homes can, however, be a boon to prospective homeowners looking to seize a golden opportunity! With the help of a qualified professional, you can take advantage to of the many benefits associated with buying an REO. It is crucial that you seek the advice of a trained real estate attorney to ensure you avoid any potential pitfalls in this process.

Foreclosure Homes: Pros And Cons

When a homeowner fails to make his or her mortgage payments, or chooses to leave the home due to a significant loss in value, the property can be repossessed and becomes and REO or foreclosure home. These estates can offer some unique benefits and challenges to a potential investor or homeowner.

The primary benefit of pursuing an REO is that they are typically undervalued by the bank, which is often looking for a buyer as quickly as possible. This can be a significant opportunity to purchase a home for much less than it’s potential value, making it a smart investment for the future. The homes have often been vacant for a long time, however, and may have other issues you will not see with more traditional properties. To maximize your chances of making the correct decision, it is imperative that you retain the service of a real estate expert.

Speak With A Chicago Real Estate Attorney

Since opening our doors in 1994, the legal team at the Law Office of Al Beaudreau has focused on providing high quality representation in the area of real estate law, with a heavy emphasis placed upon closing real estate transactions for our clients. Whether you are buying, selling, or just looking for advice from an experienced real estate attorney in Chicago, look no further than our firm! Our record of success speaks for itself, with more than 5,000 successfully completed transactions to our name.

Please, do not delay! Contact a Chicago foreclosure property attorney with our law office right away!

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