Law Office of Al Beaudreau, Ltd. Articles For Sale By Owner – A Guide

For Sale By Owner – A Guide

By Law Office of Al Beaudreau, LTD  Mar. 26, 2012 10:38a

Get Help To Seek The Best Outcome When Selling Your Home

When attempting to sell their home, many homeowners opt to forego the help of an intermediary such as a real estate agent. Such a sale, also referred to as a FSBO (for sale by owner) transaction, can be very risky, yet also highly rewarding.

This choice, while it should never be made lightly, can sometimes be the best option as it allows you to save money by avoiding real estate fees. In the event that you choose this path, however, it is necessary to employ the aid of a professional real estate attorney who can help you guide you through the process and avoid the many potential pitfalls you may face.

It can be extremely daunting to try and negotiate a legally binding contract on your own without the help of an experienced Chicago real estate lawyer. With a knowledgeable attorney experienced in the complexities of real estate law to review your legal documents, especially your contracts, you can protect yourself and pursue the best possible financial result.

Contact A Real Estate Professional When Purchasing From An Owner

If you are seeking to purchase a home from an owner pursuing a FSBO transaction, it is equally important that you contact a professional real estate attorney with the necessary expertise to represent your interests. When a seller opts out of using a real estate agent, you are no longer dealing with a professional expert and are instead at the mercy of a potential amateur with little previous legal experience.

In such a situation, the decision to employ a real estate lawyer on your behalf is imperative! An attorney with experience handling real estate cases can identify potential hazards in your contract that you may miss, helping to guard your financial security and preventing you from being trapped in a tricky legal quandary.

A Chicago Real Estate Lawyer Is On Your Side

Do not hesitate to speak with a professional real estate lawyer in Chicago at the Law Office of Al Beaudreau, LTD. Our legal team has the experience required to protect your interests, having successfully closed more than 5,000 transactions. Let us be there to watch over you! Speak with an attorney with our firm and discuss your options free of charge!

Please, contact a Chicago real estate lawyer with our firm to learn more about selling your home today!

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