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What is Slander of Title?

Slander of Title is a real estate litigation situation which occurs when one entity false claims to own another person's property. Slander of title also includes casting aspersion on someone else's property, business or goods. For example, if a person claims that a house is full of bed bugs when it is not, then this is considered slander of title.

If a person alleges that a particular house is haunted, or claims that the home is defective when it isn't, then these can also be considered slander of title issues. Also, if you falsely claim that you won someone else's copyright this can also be considered a different version of slander of title.

Slander of title is considered a specialized common law intentional tort. This means that individuals who are victims to slander of title have the right to be pursued with merit in a variety of circumstances including but not limited to the filing of a lien of real against the real property. In some cases, individuals can also file a lien against a recordable instrument that is recorded against the property.

In order to recover slander of title in a real estate situation, the plaintiff is required to prove that there was a slanderous statement that disparaged the claimant's title to the house or alleged some untrue aspects regarding the case. As well, the individuals that file the claim for legal action against slander of title will need to prove that the statement was false, and that the statement was made with intended malice. The statement also must cause actual or special damages to the property owner in a slander of title situation.

The malice factor is essential in a slander of title claim. If an individual does not make a claim with the intent to harm, then it is considered illegitimate. The individual who committed slander of title must have done so without any reasonable cause. If a person has a reason to believe that there are bed bugs in a home, for example, and then publishes this information hoping to be helpful, then this is not considered slander of title. Those who commit slander of title do so when they are fully aware that a statement is false but still adhere to it anyway.

If you are dealing with a real estate slander of title situation, then you need assistance from an attorney to help you with your case. With the right lawyer there to assist you, you can be sure that you are getting the assistance that you need in your case. In addition to this, you can seek assistance in your case today to learn more. With the right attorney on your side, you will be capable of working towards a justifiable end after enduring a slander of title situation.

You may want to place a lien on property if someone is claiming to own the same property as you and the situation is getting out of hand. Oftentimes, in these situations it is easy enough to demand paperwork and determine whether or not the individual has a right to the property at all. If there is a discrepancy, then the case many need to go to the courts and a real estate attorney can represent you in defending your side of the argument.

Slander of title is a relatively rare occurrence, but whenever you encounter a legal situation regarding slander of title it is important to have the right attorney on your side. Don't hesitate to call the firm today to learn more about this intricate area of the law!

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