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Property Surveys Before Buying Your Home

If you are considering buying a new home, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration before you sign the contract, and this includes having a property inspector look through the home thoroughly for hazards, danger zones, etc. first off, it is important to realize the very big different between an appraisal and a survey. When an appraiser comes to the home, they are just going to go through and determine the value or worth of the property, considering all of the good and bad about the home.

When you hire a property surveyor, they are going to evaluate the condition of the home itself by looking at the structure and seeing if it is secure, if there is mold problems, if there are cracks in the cabinets, or broken parts of flooring, etc. Also, they will take into account other factors such as the zoning classifications in the area, surrounding bodies of water, among others. The reason you would want to hire your own property surveyor when purchasing a home is because you want to make sure that you are fully aware of when you get into your real estate contract.

In some cases, a mortgage lender will require you to have the survey done in order for them to approve and establish your loan, however, even if this is not a requirement, hiring a surveyor is a wise choice to make. Having a separate pair of eyes on the property that can look for damages, etc. will be helpful for you when negotiating with the sellers of the priority. Whether this means you holding them responsible to fix the damages, or reducing your price so you may do so, or even so that if something goes wrong in the future you can hold them accountable; having this survey is a smart move to make.

Also, by having a property survey done, this will tell you vital information as a home owner that may come up in the future. This would include where your actual property lines are located, if there are certain restrictions on the property for building and construction, or even your right in regards to adding a fence or porch on your property later on. One of the biggest concerns, and benefits, of having your own personal property survey done before you sign your name is to have that legal back up in the even ta property dispute comes up in the future.

For example, perhaps your property survey reveals that there was past mold damage in the home, though the current owner promises that everything was addressed. If concerns arise later on, you have the opportunity to pursue legal action against them for their false claims or for placing your family in danger. Finding a trustworthy property surveyor may not be the easiest, which is why having a skilled real estate lawyer on your side for the entire process of selling and buying a home is so encouraged. An attorney who is skilled not only in matters of real estate, but also in law, will be able to help protect you from faulty contracts or scams, and to make sure that all aspects of the sale are fully disclose before the purchase. Whenever dealing with property, you want to make an informed decision before signing your life away on a contract. Having an attorney to watch out for all of your property and legal needs is the option for you.

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