Featured News 2012 What is the Broom Clean Condition?

What is the Broom Clean Condition?

If you are renting a condo or apartment, and saw a "broom clean condition" on your lease, then you have agreed to the responsibility of cleaning and moving out of your living space when you determine that it is time to leave. This is no small matter- the broom clean condition means that you need to remove anything that was not originally in the home when you entered. Everything from your refrigerator to the trash in the corner needs to be moved or disposed of. If you own the property and are selling your home then you may also have a broom clean condition. This condition may have been established by your real estate agent, who is working hard to paint your home in the best light.

If you think that future buyers may want some of your properties, then you will need to ask your agent. You cannot leave behind furniture and other items as a sort of housewarming gift for the future occupants. With a broom clean condition in place, you will need to clear everything with your buyers before leaving it. If you want to leave the can of paint that matches the walls, then you will want to call the buyers and ask. Anything that is not cleared with the future occupants is a violation of the conditions set forth by the agent, and may present a problem in the future- especially if the previous owners leave heavy pieces of furniture or items that are hard to move.

One common exception to the broom sweep "everything must go" mentality is any spare house parts. Spare doors, pipes, molding, cabinet knobs, etc. can be saved and stored somewhere convenient, like a basement or an attic. Buyers normally assume that any house parts will be left on the premises, because they are technically a part of the real estate package. Make sure to let your buyers know where you left these important items. Once the house is cleared of all personal property, it is best to clean the home. Many apartment landlords will require their tenants to do a thorough cleaning before moving out.

Homeowners who clean their home before moving out will have happy buyers. Neat people who have always maintained their house will be able to finish the clean sweep quicker, so it is best to keep your house up all the time. If you have not been so tidy when it comes to your living space, now is the time to right that wrong. Scrub the floors, showers, toilets, and sinks, and vacuum the carpet before moving out. Remove any stains from the carpet or the flooring, and wash the walls of all marks.

If you are too exhausted to complete the heavy cleaning responsibilities after moving out all of your possessions, then you may want to hire a cleaning service to do the job. These services are usually affordable and can quickly complete what it would take you hours to do alone. Some broom clean conditions do not contractually bind the tenant to scrub the house down, though it is always a nice gesture. Landlords are more concerned that you will not abandon property within the home, and want to make sure that you leave the residence with everything you paid for.

When moving out, things can become scrambled and hectic. In order to best obey the broom clean condition, you will want to walk through your home multiple times. Check every nook for a hidden toy or a long-forgotten diary. Check the washer and dryer for any left-over laundry, and make sure that the dishwasher is free of dishes. You may want another member of your family to also do a walk-through, as he or she might notice things that you looked over. Be doing a thorough search, you will be able to complete the broom clean condition with finesse, and leave your house empty and ready for the next residents.

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