Featured News 2012 Wayne Newton Involved in Real Estate Lawsuit

Wayne Newton Involved in Real Estate Lawsuit

Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, is currently battling a landscape developer in a lawsuit over property rights. ABC News writes that Newton is being sued because on charges of obstructing efforts to turn his 40-acre piece of property into a Las Vegas tourist attraction. Developers aim to turn the Casa de Shenandoah into a fun entertainment location similar to Elvis' Graceland. In the suit, the developers claimed that Newton has been sexually aggressive toward the landscape workers and has allowed his vicious dogs to attack the employees while they were working on his property. Worst of all, they say that he wants to keep them from construction and has not followed the agreement they settled when they purchased his property.

CSD Management claims that they have invested $50 million into their project, and that they bought Newton's sprawling home and property in 2001. They assert that they paid the singer $19.5 million for his home, and he was fully aware that they expected him to vacate. The developers plan to turn Newton's house into a museum and use the other land for attractions such as a car-wash and a dinner theatre. While Newton accepted his payment, he hasn't budged from the house.

CSD Management filed claims that Newton has deliberately made things difficult for them, and they believe that it is not legal for him to remain on the property that is no longer his. They reason that Newton never intended to cooperate with their plans, and that his conscious decision to ignore their requests is unethical. The lawsuit goes way beyond the fact that Newton has not left his home, they say. In addition, CSD Management is irritated that Newton refused to hand over keepsakes that he said he would leave behind for display in the museum. Included in the parcel of possessions is Jack Benny's violin.

Because of the many offenses, CSD's filing includes a variety of charges. CSD Management has a long list of concerns against Newton, from irritating sexual conduct to animal abuse to real estate fraud. On the property, Newton owns at least 55 horses. Part of his agreement was to reduce the herd to a more manageable 20, but he has made no effort to sell the Arabians. Allegedly, the property includes an extensive collection of exotic animals, which will be put on display for visitors at the tourist attraction. . CSD claims that they took over the construction because the Casa de Shenandoah was in a sad state of disrepair. They describe property as overrun with horse manure and dirty. Animals like penguins and wallabies were sick from the horrible conditions.

S.K., the president of CSD Management, told the newspapers that he has seen Newton taking strolls along the property with his vicious dogs and allowing them to attack the men developing the land. The dogs have bitten workers, leaving scars that they describe as both physical and emotional. One of the young women who works for CSD is filing her own litigations against Newton for unwanted sexual advances.

In a statement at a press conference, Newton's attorney says that CSD's claims are nothing more than an effort to intimidate the Newton's. He believes that the accusations are false and are an attempt for the management company to vacate Newton from his home. In retaliation, Newton's team will be issuing a counter-lawsuit, claiming that CSD has spent exorbitant amounts of money on their projects and failed to secure building permits before starting construction. The local fire department had to shut down construction on a visitor welcome center because of this issue.

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