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Important Questions to Ask a Real Estate Attorney

This directory was created to help you start a comprehensive search for a real estate attorney in your area. With the help of our comprehensive attorney locator, you can find lawyers that operate near you that are established in law. Not all lawyers are the same. We believe that we can provide you with a collection of superb attorneys in your area.

Still, no matter which attorney you pick, you should take advantage of your initial consultation to ask the "hard questions" that you need answers to. Oftentimes, a client will call a real estate attorney when making a transaction that seems risky or worrisome. A real estate attorney can investigate the situation with a legal perspective and help uncover issues or allow the transaction to go through with peace of mind.

Most often, real estate lawyers are called in when people buy homes in a short sale or when homeowners facing foreclosure need legal assistance. Most real estate agents aren't licensed to practice law, and don't know how to review surveys or alert buyers to issues that could be expensive to fix down the road.

Just because a real estate attorney practices law doesn't mean that he or she is the right choice for your case. We have compiled a list of hard questions to ask your real estate attorney. By going through this list of questions, you can determine an attorney's experience and knowledge-level in personal injury law.

First, as your attorney how long he or she has been practicing. Sometimes, years aren't the point. You want to learn how your attorney learned about real estate law and if they have faced cases in the past similar to what you are facing now. You can approach a situation with confidence if you are sure that your attorney understands what is going on. It's not always imperative to hire a seasoned pro. If you are dealing with a simpler real estate issue, an attorney with a lot of ambition but not a lot of experience may be the perfect fit for you.

Second, ask your attorney how many cases he or she has handled that are similar to yours. An attorney who has not handled any matters that are similar to yours may not be a good fit. You want someone who is experienced in your area of law and understands how to best approach the situation. If you are dealing with a complicated case, then hire someone who is comfortable tackling comfortable issues. If you are dealing with a simplistic case, hire someone who will still treat your case as more than a number while working with you through the case.

Third, ask how the lawyer plans to handle your case. Even in the initial consultation, your prospective attorney can probably give you a snapshot overview of how the case will be handled. This can help you to determine whether or not this is the route that you want to take with your issue.

Fourthly, ask the prospective attorney how you will be billed. This is important, because some attorneys will bill you in a way that accommodates for sneaky surprises later on. Instead, you will want to check and see whether the attorney bills by the hour or up front, and ask about any hidden fees and costs that may be slipped into your case.

Last, ask who else will be working on your case. Sometimes, paralegals and junior attorneys handle the bulk of your case. This may be fine if you are working with a small issue, but if you are handling a very serious real estate matter, you may want to insist that the case is handled by the chief attorney. Make sure to ask very specific questions and get a good idea of what an attorney is all about before hiring. Find a list of trusted attorneys in your area using this directory today!

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