Featured News 2013 Finding an Apartment in New York for Pet Owners

Finding an Apartment in New York for Pet Owners

While house hunting may seem like an easy feat, for pet owners in New York it is not as easy as it sounds. Believe it or not, a large majority of real estate in New York, specifically when looking at apartments, do not allow pets into the home for the very reason of the owners not wanting to risk the potential damages done by the animals. Many home owners will go to great lengths to get their dream property, including telling the owners that they will pay a large sum up front tin order to cover the potential costs of their animal in the future. These owners fear having their windows broken, the floors and walls scraped, or any other possible damages. In response, owners will try to tell the owners that their dogs weight much less, or just tell them they only have one cat as opposed to 4, etc.

Even in some of the apartments that allow for animals, they are requiring extensive documents from veterinarians, rescue services, neighbors, and dog walkers giving a very lengthy description on every detail about the animals. This would include their health, vaccinations, history of illnesses, their demeanor at home and with strangers, and tendencies. In some cases, apartment managers will conduct an animal interview in order to determine whether it is suited for their property.

New York apartments have a law that was passed in 1983 that specifically states that if somehow a pet owner in the apartment was able to keep it a secret for three months and there were no lawsuits filed by the owner or a resident, then they are actually able to keep the animal legally in the building. While many people, particularly those with disabilities and the elderly, view this stricter laws as being helpful to their own physical wellbeing; many pet owners are learning that it is becoming harder and harder to find an apartment that allows them to keep their animal. What is so shocking is that in some cases an apartment will advertise themselves as being pet friendly, and yet when contracts are signed the residents will learn that this is not necessarily the case. Perhaps you had the understanding that any animal was allowed, and it wasn't until you signed your lease agreement that you learned only pets of a certain size and breed were allowed to live on the property.

One sales director of leasing in New York claims that when the housing market was plummeting, owners were allowing anyone and anything onto their properties in order to make a sale. However, now that they are no longer as desperate for sales, owners are growing much strict as to who and what they allow onto their properties. Today, there are many obvious reasons for which an apartment owner will not allow pets onto their property. This includes not only concerns for those who are elderly or disabled, but also individuals who are easily frightened by animals, property damage concerns, odors, and the like.

According to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in the state of new York there are an estimates nearly one million cats and dogs, and yet there are many people who still fear, dislike or are allergic to these house animals. Because of this the housing market has become very tight in regards to animals, making it extremely difficult for people to find a place to live in the state. In the event that you are looking to buy or rent a property in New York or any other state in this country, please use our website to find a local real estate attorney who can help you with the legal process of buying, selling, renting or leasing your home.

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